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    ven.ture | 'ven CH er |  noun | a daring journey or undertaking: taking the plunge into uncharted waters

    Your ISGB Regional Directors are pleased to announce Venture. The goal of this show was to provide an opportunity for ISGB members who have never participated in a juried show to experience the entry and jury process.

    Each region has chosen a theme. The work of successful applicants will be displayed online for several months in 2012. The top 30 beads from each region will be included in the virtual show and the top five beads (based on jurors’ scores) from each region will become part of an actual show that will be included on the Gallery Tour at the 2012 Gathering. This is an amazing opportunity to have your work seen by hundreds of other glass artists and glass lovers. Beads displayed during the Gallery Tour may also be offered for sale.

    General Details

    Submissions were limited to beads (must be made on a mandrel or have a glass loop) only. Finished jewelry and sets are not eligible for Venture. 

    Beads were judged on the following criteria:

    1. Creative and inventive use of the medium

    2. Technical proficiency, construction and craftsmanship

    3. Form and aesthetics

    4. Innovation in style and concept

    5. Interpretation of the theme.

    Judges assigned a score of 1-5 for every bead in each category, giving each bead a possible total of 25 points.

    The 30 beads from each region with the highest overall scores will be included in Venture and of those 30 beads, the five beads from each Region with the highest overall scores will become one of the Gallery Tour Exhibitions at the 2012 Gathering.

    Regional Themes

    Northwest - The Great Outdoors

    East Central - Seasons

    West - The Pacific

    Northeast - The Beautiful Northeast

    South - Make Me Smile

    Mid-Atlantic - What Inspires Me the Most

    West Central - Bubbles

    Southeast - The Beauty of the Natural World

    North - North Woods

    Southwest - Totems

    Canada - True North

    International - Flight of Fantasy

    Who Is Eligible?

    Any ISGB member who has never participated in a juried exhibition or publication. There are two classifications:

    -The first is for emerging artists with up to two years of beadmaking experience.

    -The second is for more experienced beadmakers – those with more than two years of torching experience.

    Each classification was judged separately. The work of emerging artists was judged only with the work of other emerging artists and the same for the more experienced group.

  • Volunteers

    As an non-profit organization, ISGB relies on the volunteers who generously give of their time to keep the organization running.  In all reality, without them the organization would not exist. 

    Our doors are always open to those who would like to volunteer their skills to the organization, whether it be at the annual Gathering or throughout the year on various projects.  If you are interested in volunteering, please select a category below to find out how you can help.

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