This summer the ISGB kicked off our pilot Mentorship Program. A group of experienced Mentors offered their knowledge and support in one-on-one mentorships to a select group of ISGB members. Mentorships were made available in a variety of areas of interest, such as developing your personal style, selling your work, marketing yourself online, becoming an instructor, submitting your work to shows, writing tutorials, photographing your work, etc. 

The way the mentorships work is that the Mentors and their “Protégés” have a session for getting to know each other, then meet twice a month for three months, by phone, facetime, email or any other method agreeable to both. The specific details, such as the length of these meetings, handling questions that arise between meetings, approaches to sharing information, images, etc. are set by the individual pairs of Mentor and Protégé. At the end of the three-month period, there is a final session to evaluate the mentorship, and both the Protégé and the Mentor provide us with feedback to help us continue to develop the program. 

Future mentorships will be offered at a nominal cost to the Protégés, to benefit the ISGB Education Programs. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Mentorship Program. We will post more information and application details here as they become available.