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   Summer 2008 - Southeast Region - Hearts of Glass Beads by Terry Hale/Hale Fire Glass
   Summer 2008 - Northwest Region - Nebula Bead by Lara Lutrick
   Fall 2008 - International - Multi-Hole Pod Beads by Kathryn Wardill
   Fall 2008 - Southwest Region - Butterfly Beads by Raychel Stein


   Spring 2009 - West Region - Calla Lily Bead by Margie Shanahan
   Spring 2009 - Mid-Atlantic Region - Summer Sunset by Shannon Stevens
   Summer 2009 - West Central Region - Cinderella Nights: Pixies and Scrolls by Cindy McEwen
   Summer 2009 - North Region - Astro Bloom Beads by Susan Jones
   Fall 2009 - South Region - Harvest Pumpkins by Martha Brogdon
   Fall 2009 - Northeast Region - Open Hearts with Beth Williams presented by Genevieve Martineau
   Winter 2009 - Midwest Region - Desert Bloom Bead by Louise Little
   Winter 2009 - Canada -
A "Hole" New Way to Look at Large Hole Mandrels by Amy Waldman Smith


   Spring 2010 - International - Making a Wig Wag Pendant by Emily Lake
   Spring 2010 - Southwest Region - Reverse Bicone Circus Beads by Lori Greenberg
   Summer 2010 - Canada - Chocolate Sweetie Heart by Debra Kallen
   Summer 2010 - East Central Region - Summer Blooms by Angie Ramey
   Fall 2010 - Mid-Atlantic Region - Glow Skull Beads by Karen Leonardo
   Fall 2010 - West Region - Sea Turtle Beads by Judy Carlson
   Winter 2010 - Northwest Region - Now What Do I Do with All These Beads? by Ellen Harbison
   Winter 2010 - Southeast Region - Copper Enamel Butterfly Beads by Robert Simmons