ISGB Board of Directors

Jeri Warhaftig - president

Vice President/Director of Organizational Support
Patty Lakinsmith - VP @

Director of Education
Ann Scherm Baldwin - education @

Treasurer/Director of Finance
Anne Mitchell - treasurer @

Assistant Treasurer
Heather Hennigan - assttreasurer @

Director of Membership
Elaine Rusk - membership @

Director of Communications and Marketing
Lisa Liddy - marketing

Directors at Large
Lezlie Foster - dallezlie @

Martha Giberson - dalmartha @

District Directors

Jim Kervin
west @
International, North, Northwest, West

Kris Schaible
midatlantic @
Canada, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast


ISGB Regional Directors

For a full list of Regional Directors and Regions, click here.

ISGB Staff

Executive Director
Kendra Bruno - executivedirector @

Advertising Sales Representative
Kristi Brokaw - sales @ isgb . org

ISGB Appointed Positions

Glass Bead Evolution Art Director
Lisa Liddy - marketing

Glass Bead Evolution Editor in Chief
Stephanie Crider - editor @

Glass Bead Evolution Encore Coordinator
Babette Cox - encore @

Fundraising Chairperson
Martha Giberson - fundraisingchair @

Volunteer Manager
Lisa Daigle - volunteermanager @

Volunteer Coordinator
Sharyl King - volunteercoordinator @

Website Services
Beth Somers - webscvs @


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