Find out how you can join the fun of volunteering for ISGB...

The ISGB has been blessed with members who volunteer; however, we are not always aware of those who have interest and talents in a variety of areas. So we are working to build a database of those willing to be called upon for various projects. 

Completing the Volunteer Informational Form does not mean that you are required to serve when you are asked. It just means that when we have a need or start a new project, you will be asked if you meet the criteria that we are looking for. We totally understand that things happen and you may not be available at that time. In that case we will make the request of someone else on list and save your information for a future time.
If you’re willing to help us out please fill out the ISGB Volunteer Information Form to be added to our database of propective volunteers.  All information provided will not be shared and will only be used to contact you regarding volunteering opportunities.
Thank you,
Sharyl King
ISGB Volunteer Coordinator