Board & Staff

Any member in good standing is eligible to run for a position with the ISGB.  We'd love to have you enrich our community with your experience!

  • Learn about the responsibilities shared by all of our board members HERE
  • Spring elections run every May
  • Terms are two years beginning September 1st

Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors elected by our membership. Our Board of Directors uses policy governance to envision the future and to ensure operations are aligned with our mission statement and meet the evolving needs of our constituency. Our board currently meets once a month via conference call.

For more information, contact

Board of Directors

Susan Richards 2019 thumbnail

Susan Richards, President / Chairman of the Board

Located in Michigan

Susan has a passion for promoting the art of glass and bringing the value of the ISGB to our members.

Martha Giberson 2019 (3)

Martha Giberson, Vice President / Director of Organizational Support

Located in Massachusetts

Martha is active in planning our annual Conference, "The Gathering" and all aspects of fundraising.

Bryna Lumb

Bryna Lumb, Treasurer / Director of Finance

Located in Missouri

Bryna keeps our finances up to date, guiding the organization to success.


Assistant Treasurer / Director of Finance - Open

This could be you!

Read more about the role of Assistant Director of Finance for the ISGB HERE.

Joan Keller (2)

Joan Keller, Director of Membership

Located in California

Joan is working on growing the ISGB membership with chapter outreach and vendor discounts.

Kari Chittenden

Kari Chittenden, Director of Education

Located in Indiana

Kari loves to set up scholarship opportunities for our members.


Director of Communications and Marketing

Meet your new Director of Communications and marketing Starting this Fall.

Michelle Pearson 2019 thumbnail

Michelle Pearson, Director At-Large

Located in Alaska

Michelle is also the editor for the Glass Bead Evolution and assists with Gathering Planning.

Esther Silver 2019 thumbnail

Esther Silver, Director At-Large

Located in Israel

Esther is working on new initiatives for our international members.

Andrea Symons2.jpg

Andrea Symons, Director At-Large

Located in British Columbia

Andrea is assisting with our Gathering Site Selection Committee.

Tillie O'Kelley 2019 thumbnail

Tillie O'Kelley, Director At-Large

Located in Florida

Tillie assists with our social media monitoring, fundraising, and is a writer for our “Glass Bead Evolution” magazine.


ISGB is a volunteer run organization with a working Board.  We employee an Operations Manager who oversees the day-to-day running of the organization.  Our Sales Representative is here to serve your advertising needs for our quarterly publication the "Glass Bead Evolution", our monthly membership newsletter the "Bead Release", and Gathering sponsorship opportunities.


Karyn Sweezy - Operations Manager

Located in Connecticut

Karyn is happy to assist you with any of your ISGB needs.


OPEN-Advertising Sales Representative


an opportunity to join the ISGB team in exchange for a commission on ad sales and membership in the ISGB.  Contact to learn more.


Get Involved!

This is an exciting opportunity to join a group of dedicated glass beadmakers and share your skills within the community.  Volunteers are always needed! If a board position is not for you,  join a committee or offer to share your skills on a project.  We are beadmakers supporting beadmakers.

Raise Your Hand!

Open Positions

The ISGB seeks an Advertising Sales Representative to sell and promote advertising for the ISGB's many diverse publications.  The qualified candidate will have the requisite time, energy and skill to devote to the endeavor in exchange for a commission on ad sales and membership in the ISGB.  Contact to learn more.

Volunteer Opportunities

The ISGB has several appointed positions and committees that can use your help.  Find out more about them HERE.  Please consider sharing your talent and experience with us!

Interested in becoming a board member? Email us at for information regarding upcoming board vacancies.