Exhibition: 2024 Your Bead for Venice

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Download your copy of the 2023 Your Bead for Venice Catalogue HERE  (6MB)

Download your copy of the 2022 Your Bead for Venice Catalogue HERE  (12MB) (updated 3/20/23)


Commonly Asked Questions

Application Information


The Committee for the Safeguard of the Art of Venetian Glass Beads (later the Committee) and the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (later ISGB) present the 3rd International Glass Bead Competition dedicated to the Art of the Traditional Venetian Glass Beadmaking:

Your bead for Venice

This is an international competition that showcases glass beads inspired by the traditional Venetian glass beadmaking technique. The Committee and the ISGB want to promote the sharing of traditional knowledge. The aim is also to spread awareness of how much this knowledge can be an inspiration for contemporary art throughout the world.

The competition calls for glass beads that are either made by the traditional Venetian techniques  or are inspired by Venetian techniques and styles. It must be clear where the inspiration came from. Applicable genres include lampwork beads, beads created from hollow canes and blown beads. 

Submissions are due between March 1, 2024 - May 8, 2024



Works that pass the first round of judging  will be included in an exhibit in the Murano Glass Museum from Saturday September 14  to Sunday September 22 , 2024. This exhibit will be part of the official Venice Glass Week.

Exhibition: 2024 Venice Glass Week
Dates: Open daily 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, September 14 to Sunday, September 22, 2024
Murano Glass Museum

Application Requirements

  • Members and non members of the ISGB of all nationalities and ages are welcome to submit works.
  • All entries must not have been previously exhibited, including in other open-call exhibitions.

Application Limit

Maximum one work per individual (or group). Group or set of beads will be considered as one entry.

Application Guidelines

  1. Works should apply the traditional Venetian glass bead techniques to bead in a way that is either a reproduction of a traditional style or a contemporary piece inspired by it.
  2. Works should consist of glass beads. Compatible materials can be used but glass must be the predominant material. We are looking for individual beads or a small set of beads, not finished jewelry.
  3. Dimensions:
    Each bead must be in a size that stays within a 20cm x 20cm square (7 inch x 7 inch) . Do not add any frame to the beads.
    You can add a display suggestion in the application form, but it will be considered only as a suggestion. The final display decision will be up to the Murano Glass Museum Team


Application and Judging Schedule

  1. Application Deadline
    Applications must arrive by 11:55 p.m. (CT) on May 8, 2024.
  2. First Round of Judging
    May 2024
    Images of the works submitted by the applicants will undergo an initial judging round, and works that continue to the final judging will be selected by the judges.
  3. Final Judging
    Final Judging will take place in Murano and winners will be announced at the opening ceremony.
  4. Public vote
    There will be an opportunity for visitors of the museum to vote for their favorite bead. The winner of the public vote will be announced online.

The judging for the first selection of up to 20 beads will be done based on photos.


A certificate of participation is issued to all 20 participants in the final phase.

All 20 selected participants can donate their bead/s to the Murano Glass Museum and have it as part of the Murano Glass Museum Collection.

Application Procedure

  1. Application Deadline

Applications must arrive by 11:55 p.m. (CT) May 8, 2024

  1. Application Procedure and Details

Please read the below before applying:

  • Please fill out the necessary information using the application form. Your profile, information and commentary on the entry, etc., are required.
  • Please send one profile photo (portrait from chest or shoulders up).
  • Please send 1 to 5 images of the work to be submitted (one photo showing the entire work for catalog publication, one photo taken from the front, one close-up photo, and two photos from other angles).
  • Images should not contain any watermarks or the name of the artist or the bead
  • Image titles should not include the name of the artist.
  • Title of the images must be namebead_01, namebead_02 etc.
  • Images will be used for judging as well as for the exhibition catalog and other publicity related to the competition and the exhibition. All entries will be shown on a digital catalog, which will be created after Venice Glass Week.
  • Please send the completed Application Form and pictures of the work in high resolution. (your profile photo and the images of the work to be submitted)

Send it by the deadline  May 8, 2024

  1. Application Fee
  • There is an application fee of $25 per work submitted by applicants. For ISGB members there is a $5 discount.
  • The application is not valid if the payment has not been made.

First Round of Judging
(based on photos of the works)

  1. Judging Based on Photos Submitted

In May 2024, the judges from the ISGB and the Committee will perform a first round of judging based on the images of the works and the materials submitted by the applicants.

The criteria are:

  • Connection to traditional Venetian glass bead making techniques and/or styles
  • Overall quality of the bead
  • Technique and skill shown
  • Color use
  • Attention to detail
  • Artist’s description
  1. Announcement of Results and Exhibition Consent
  • The results of the first round of judging will be posted on The Committee and the ISGB website and/or social media.
  • Works that pass the first round of judging will continue on to the final round of judging and the exhibition.
  • The applicants who have submitted works that pass the first round of judging will be requested to bring or send the works themselves to a designated location within a designated period. These works will then undergo final judging, and the award winners will be selected by the Committee.

Final Round of Judging
(based on the works themselves)

  1. Judging of the Works Themselves (Works that pass the first round of judging only)

During the exhibit in September 2024, the board of the Committee together with one judge from the ISGB will perform a final round of judging based on the works themselves, viewed in person.

During the exhibition the public will also have the chance to express a preference.
However, the method of judging is subject to change as a result of unforeseen circumstances.
Award winners (technical jury award and popular jury award) will be selected during this judging round and will be announced on Saturday September 22, 2024

  1. Shipment of Works (Works that pass the first round of judging only)
  • Period for Shipment/Transport of Works

International and domestic Entries:

Dates for International and domestic Entries: must be shipped before July 1, 2024

Address: Applicants will be informed of the shipping address upon passing the first round of judging.
If bringing the work in person must be before the beginning of The Italian Glass Week. The deadline for in person delivery is September 1, 2024.

Regarding Shipment and Transport of Works

  • Applicants who have submitted their exhibition consent form will be asked to ship or bring their works to the designated location during the designated period.
    The period and location will be stipulated in the exhibition information.
  • Any costs required to ship or otherwise transport works are to be covered by the applicants.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ship the work in a box or case that can safely withstand shipping.
  • When submitting a work in person, applicants are still requested to store the work in a box or case that can safely withstand transportation.
  • Works that are brought in person without protective packaging will not be accepted.
  • The Executive Committee assumes no responsibility for damage incurred during shipment.
    If considered necessary, we request that the sender purchase insurance when shipping the work.
  • Unpacking and inspection of works will be carried out on the day that they arrive. If any damage, etc. is noticed while unpacking, the Executive Committee will contact the sender, and any restoration, insurance claims, or other measures taken after the fact will be handled by the sender.
  • The Executive Committee assumes no responsibility in the event that a work is rendered unfit for final judging or exhibition due to damage incurred during shipment.
  • In the event that a work other than the one that passed the first round of judging is shipped, the applicant will be disqualified, and will be ineligible for the final round of judging or exhibition.
  • For the final round of judging and the exhibition, submitted works will be set up based on the images provided.
  • Works submitted will be handled under the strict supervision of specialists designated by the Committee. However, in the event of complex assembly or setup instructions, the Committee assumes no responsibility if this proves detrimental to the final judging or the exhibition of the work.

Regarding Shipment of Works (International Applicants Only)
All of the following apply to international entries.

  • Import duty taxes will be considered the responsibility of the applicant submitting the work. This will include VAT, duties and custom fees.
  • In the event that necessary information for customs clearance is not included, or a value differing from that written on the exhibition application form is written on the invoice, there is a possibility that the work will not clear customs. Make sure that the same value is written on both the exhibition application form and the invoice.
  • The Executive Committee assumes no responsibility in the event that a work cannot clear customs due to a problem or error in preparing the invoice, in which case the work may not arrive for final judging and/or exhibition.
  • When an international applicant or a person designated by that applicant bring a work to Italy, they will be solely responsible for any import duty taxes, customs clearance fees, or domestic shipping expenses incurred within Italy, none of which will be paid for by the Executive Committee.
  • Even in the event that shipping preparations are made by a proxy, the Executive Committee will directly contact the applicant submitting the work.
  1. Announcement of Results and Notifications

The results of the final judging will be posted on the Committee and ISGB website.

  • Award winners will be notified in writing. Notification letters will be sent out approximately two weeks after the judging is finished.
  1. Critique and Commentary Session
    On the day of the winners announcement, a critique and commentary event will be held by the judges. The time, venue, and other details will be posted on our website once they are finalized.

Exhibition, Catalog, Management of Works and Return of Works

  1. Exhibition
    All works submitted for final judging will be exhibited during The Venice Glass Week with the exception of works that do not meet exhibition rules and regulations, etc. If the museum chooses to extend the exhibition, the beads will be exhibited longer
  2. Catalog
  • An online exhibition catalog of the works submitted for final judging will be published.
  • If it will be printed, one copy of the catalog will be provided to each finalist (one copy per group for group entries).

 Management of Works

  • Unpacking, exhibition, etc. of the works will be handled with the utmost care by specialists designated by the Executive Committee. However, the committee assumes no responsibility for reparation payments in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Be sure to set a monetary value for the work sent, as it will be necessary for calculating the value for a possible insurance.
  • Any intellectual property related to any work submitted shall belong to the submitting applicant. However, the below apply with regards to use of said intellectual property:
    • In the event of public relations activities or exhibitions by the Committee and/or other public institutions such as local public bodies, permission to use the intellectual property of works submitted shall be assumed.
    • In the event of printing exhibition catalogs, postcards, posters, or other printed materials and/or publicity materials, permission to use the images of works submitted shall be assumed.
    • It shall be assumed that there are no particular limits on the period of use.
    • With regards to images of works presented, in the event that for-profit use is expected, it shall be assumed that the intended user and the submitting applicant shall both participate in discussions.
    • Works that receive awards, as well as works that pass the first round of judging, may be re-photographed and used by the Executive Committee.
  1. Return of Works (Within Italy and international)
  • Following the end of the exhibition, the Executive Committee will organize return shipping for beads that are not donated to the museum or picked up. The works shall be packed with the utmost care by art-packing specialists designated by the Executive Committee, but in the unlikely event of any damage or an accident being discovered upon a work’s return, please contact the freighting company with regard to any issues. The Executive Committee cannot confirm damages, and as such cannot do anything in the case of such an event.
  • Shipping and insurance fees for works being returned shall be paid by the submitting applicant. However, any expenses related to packing shall be paid by the Executive Committee. After the exhibition, an estimate of shipping fees will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the applicant. On a subsequent date, a bill for payment will be sent to the applicant, at which point the applicant is requested to pay the fees requested. The estimate is that these costs will not exceed $40.
    Once payment has been confirmed, return shipping procedures will begin. In the event that payment cannot be confirmed, the applicant’s work will be stored for a reasonable period. However applicants are entitled to decide to donate their work to the Glass Museum or the Committee and being part of their collection.
  • Any expenses incurred in clearing customs when entering the recipient's country shall be the responsibility of the submitting applicant.
  • Please note that, in the event that a work cannot be returned because the submitting applicant refuses to cover expenses related to clearing customs and/or transport the work shall become a property of the Committee or ISGB.
  • Please note that, in the event that the Executive Committee covered expenses related to a customs clearance fee or domestic shipping within Italy when receiving the work, the Executive Committee may submit a bill for the expenses incurred to the submitting applicant.
  • In the event that the submitting applicant refuses the return of the work, the work shall be disposed of by the Executive Committee. By consenting to the exhibition of the entry, submitting applicants also acknowledge their consent to this.
  • Works will be returned no more than 8 weeks after the end of the exhibition.

Contact Us

  • Questions may be submitted by e-mail sent to the secretariat of the Competition, as shown below. Inquiries from overseas must clearly note the country of residence; otherwise, we may be unable to reply.
  • We cannot respond to long letters; please limit inquiries to a single A4-sized page.
  • Questions are answered following a discussion within the secretariat. Because of this, responses generally take a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • We do not accept inquiries by telephone.
  • The judging will be strict and fair; we do not accept inquiries regarding the reasoning behind judging results, acceptance, rejection, or other matters related to the judging.
  • Please note that content is subject to change as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

E-mail: education@isgb.org

Organizer: The Committee for the Safeguard of the Art Of the Venetian Glass Beads
and The International Society of Glass Beadmakers

Congratulations to our  2023 Winners

Judging was in Murano Italy, during Venice Glass Week 2023

Peoples Choice was awarded to Linda Wilson.

Announcing the Top 20 Finalists

 All beads will be on display during Venice Glass Week  September 9-17, 2023  Murano Italy



15 countries submitted and the finalists were selected by Jeri Warhaftig, former president of the ISGB, Carol Ann Savage, winner of the 2022 competition, Renata Ferrari, member of the board of the Committee for the Safeguard of the Venetian Glass Beads and Patricia Lamouroux, president of Perliers d’art de France.


Leah Fairbanks
The Seasonal Egg Collection

Lee Woodburn
Green Spring

Linda Wilson
Essence of Venice

Linda  Perrin
Love in the Garden

Pierluigi Maurizio Lotter

Rosaria Boemi
Rosary Bead

Stéphane Olivier
Brocard bead

Stephanie White
Golden Murrine Bouquet

Susan  Otto-Bain
Aquarium Beads

Virginia Wilson Toccalino
Murrini Magic Set

Alessia Fuga

Ally Tsz-Yan Chan
Fiori Blu 2.0

Ann Steenkiste
Deconstructed Chevron

Beau Barrett

Belle Tsai
A morning Blessing

Bronwen Heilman
Venetian Profiles

Elisabetta Cappello

Esther Silver
Murano Renaissance

Ikuyo Yamanaka
Garden Flower Murrini Beads

Jennie Lamb
Complex Mandala Wheels