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Positions & Committees

Appointed Positions

Glass Bead Evolution

Michelle Pearson -

Advertising Director
Bryna Lumb -

Art Director
Lisa Liddy

 Assistant Editors
Nina Stone
Deborah McCaskey

Publication Advisor
Janice Peacock

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Gathering Volunteer Manager

This could be you!

Help build our sign-ups and manage our volunteers at our annual conference, "The Gathering".

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Website Services

Shirley Cook


Gathering Site Committee

Martha Giberson, Andrea Symons, Michelle Pearson - Organizers

Committee Members

68 current members


Fundraising Committee

Martha Giberson - Chair

Committee Members

Kari Chittenden

Heather Hennigan

Tillie O'Kelley


Website Committee

Susan Richards - Chair

Committee Members

Shirley Cook

Patty Lakinsmith

Karyn Sweezy


Scholarship Committee

Kari Chittenden - Chair

Committee Members

Darryle Jaada

Karen Crown

Susan Richards

Jari Sheese



Raise your hand and Get Involved!

This is an exciting opportunity to join a group of dedicated glass beadmakers and share your skills within the community.  Volunteers are always needed! If a board positions is not for you,  join a committee or offer to share your skills on a project.  We are beadmakers supporting beadmakers.

Interested in becoming a board member?  Read about the responsibilities of each board position HERE.

Email us at for information regarding upcoming board vacancies.