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November 2-4, 2022

Join the ISGB Artist Holiday Sale (Online)

Featuring Finished Jewelry and Beads 

Participation open to all ISGB Members

  • $35 for ISGB Professional and above Level ISGB members (includes direct links)
  • $45 to ISGB Individual ISGB Members (no links)
  • Selling on our ISGB Facebook Group with over 10,000 glass enthusiasts.
  • Your choice of selling style, Facebook Live, Auction or Buy it Now  
  • Unlimited items.
  • ISGB Resources, Guidance & Promotional material will be available.

Sign up TODAY!  

Accepted Items:

All work must be made by the artist and contain glass as its main component.  

Where: ISGB Public Facebook Group  

With over 10,000 members this is a great opportunity to showcase your work for the Holidays.  You can sell via Facebook Live, Auction Format or Buy it Now, it’s entirely up to you. We are also  offering a limited set of time slots for you to use the Facebook Live feature to sell in a dynamic live video format. 

  • Look for instructional Videos and information in our ISGB Members only Facebook page.
  • An optional Zoom Question and Answer Session will be held on Oct 19 to offer helpful tips and help members learn to sell online 



  • Register by October 30, 2022 (the sooner you join the more likely your work will be used in promotional material)
  • Zoom Q & A (Optional)  October 19, 2022 7:00 pm Eastern 
  • Sale November 2-4, 2022
  • Ship items November 7-11, 2022


Exclusive access to our Facebook group with over 10,000 members for 3 days of selling November 2-4, 2022

  • $35  for Professional and above Level members (includes direct links to your website)
  • $45 to Individual Members (no links allowed)

Proceeds:  100% goes to the artists via your preferred method of payment.  It is the artists’ responsibility to collect payment information and follow up on sales.  

Shipping  Is the artist's responsibility. Items will be shipped directly to the recipient from your studio.

Promotion:  ISGB will promote this event on all our social media platforms and email distribution lists.  We will also provide copy, graphics and an online event invitation that you can share to help make this a successful event for all.

  • Includes optional sign up for Facebook live segments to engage the over 10,000 potential shoppers on the ISGB Public Facebook Page.  Facebook Llive posts will be advertised in advance and a schedule will be available for shoppers.

ISGB is hosting this event to support our artists and the ISGB online initiatives. The ISGB is not responsible for any communications with artists, misrepresentations or lost items.  

Any questions contact



Rules to help make this a great event for everyone:


  • Only Professional level and above members are invited to share links in the group.
  • Professional Level members must have the words "ISGB Professional Member" as the first line of all of their listings.
  • Look for instructional videos and information in our ISGB Members only Facebook page.


  • Show will begin at noon Eastern time (9 am on the West coast). November 2, 2022 – November 4, 2022 10pm Eastern (7:00pm Pacific).
  • You may offer items in auction or Buy It Now (BIN) format as you wish. Be clear on when auctions end (including time zone) to avoid any problems.
  • Sign up Here for available Facebook live selling time slots. 
  • You may post one photo with your listing, and additional images in the comments. If your listing comes up in the Sales Format, use the 3 dots in the upper right corner to turn Sales Format off. Many find success by posting just the image first, followed by editing the image to include the text.
  • Please be sure your listings include all of the relevant details a buyer will need to purchase, including payment and shipping options, auction end times (including time zone), dimensions, etc. We strongly urge you to send photos of purchases to your buyers, and to tell them when payment is expected (e.g. within 24 hours of invoicing, etc.).
  •  Please use U.S. Dollars for the price, and add any other currency in parentheses after that if desired.
  •  Please do not use the Anti-Snipe rule on your auctions. Auctions are won by the last bidder posting before the stated auction end time.
  • Please remove sold listings as soon as you have collected your buyers shipping and payment information.
  • Please be respectful of the show start and end times, and remove all of your listings at the end of the show.


  •  A winning bid or a BIN on a listing is a commitment to purchase the item and submit payment according to the seller’s terms.
  • Please respect the seller’s payment requirements, and pay your invoices on time.
  • If you win or BIN something, please message the seller your Paypal information so they don’t have to track you down after the show.


 Thank you for supporting the ISGB and our Artists!