Your bead for Venice

Answers to your questions about the competition ‘Your bead for Venice’ by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) and The Committee for the Safeguard of the Art of Venetian Glass Beads.

Where can I apply?

You can fill out the application form HERE

Applications are accepted between February 15th and April 15th, 2023.

Who can apply?

Any glass beadmaker can apply, from any country. No membership to the ISGB is required

What are Venetian beads?

Venetian glass bead have already been made and traded around the world in the 15th century. So there is lots of inspiration to choose from. The committee has some wonderful videos to be inspired by here: https://www.arteperlevetro.org/video

Other inspiration can come from Venetian beads that were traded. Interesting examples can be seen for example here on a series of sample cards: http://www.picardbeads.com/e_archive/archive4/ex1.html

The Facebook Page of the ISGB will also share images of Venetian beads for your inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/226281020878009

Use this opportunity to learn more about the rich history and current practice of beadmaking in Venice!

How strict is the criterium ‘inspired by Venetian glass techniques and styles’?

Your inspiration can come for example from a specific Venetian bead, a color scheme, or an interesting technique used in Venice. It does not need to be a replica of an existing bead. The inspiration can also come from glass techniques used by furnace class blowers, of which variations are often used in Venetian beadmaking at the torch. The main thing is that you can explain how your bead is connected to Venetian glass beads.

Can I add anything to the bead(s)?
We are looking for a bead or a set of beads, not finished jewelry or beads mounted in a frame, on a card, or anything else. The beads should be loose. The final method for placing them in the exhibit will be decided on by the museum, though suggestions can be made