Board Positions

Following are the board positions of the ISGB.  Expand each link to see the responsibilities for that position.  All board positions have the responsibilities listed for "All Directors".

Should you be interested in seeking one of these positions, know that the board and Operations Manager are here to help you ease into the position over time.  Fellow board members and staff will help you along by mentoring and helping find the best ways to use your talents and abilities toward the goals of the organization. 

All board directors have the following responsibilities, in addition to the specific duties of their respective position.

  • Must be a current member of the ISGB
  • Must be able to attend The Gathering and onsite board meeting once a year
  • Each board member is asked to work at the conference itself, which may include assisting with introduction of speakers, live auction, silent auction, fundraising, workshops or whatever is requested in order to make the conference run efficiently. (Board Members are provided a small travel and hotel stipend and full Gathering conference waiver.)
  • Check ISGB email daily and respond to directors, staff, and members in a timely manner
  • Provide a monthly report prior to each board meeting to be included in the meeting minutes.
  • Review minutes prior to meeting
  • Attend monthly or bi-monthly board meetings and other special called meetings, or make arrangements if unable to attend. 
  • Each board member is expected to serve on at least 2 committees/projects and participate in all committee conference calls, with timely attention to committee responsibilities as delegated by the committee chairperson.
  • Maintain a professional, proactive relationship with all members of ISGB, and when representing the organization to the broader community
  • Monitor the public social media accounts and respond to member posts on a regular basis if so needed
  • Act in the best interest of the organization at all times, without personal bias
  • Be willing to learn about various ISGB programs and procedures
  • Work with the Director of Finance on understanding the budget during our yearly review,  and assist in the financial decisions
  • Attend periodic budget reviews and approve the annual budget, being mindful to preserve assets against waste or abandonment
  • Actively participate in the development of a strategic plan for the organization's long-term growth
  • Board Recruitments: Actively participate in the Board nomination process; actively help seek candidates for open positions
  • Fundraising:  It is every board member's responsibility to help solicit and be part of the fundraising process.
  • Auction donation or in kind donation from board members is requested and/or solicitation of auction donations are greatly appreciated. This may include participation in yearly donation for The Board of Directors Bead Totem.

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors", the President has the following responsibilities. 

  • The President/Chairman shall develop an agenda for all Board meetings and shall cause to be called regular and special meetings of the Directors in accordance with the Code of Regulations.
  • The President/Chairman is responsible for ensuring that the Board and its members are aware of and fulfill their governance responsibilities, comply with applicable bylaws, conduct board business effectively and efficiently, and are accountable for their performance.
  • In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the President:
    • Presides over meetings
    • Proposes policies and practices
    • Oversees all committees, but is not responsible for, nor reports for, all committees
    • Monitors the performance of the Directors
    • Submits various reports to the Board and the membership as applicable
    • Proposes the creation of committees and appoints members to such committees as applicable
    • Performs other duties as the need arises
    • In conjunction with the Director of Membership, oversees election processes including Calls for Nominations and other election related announcements
    • Monitors and participates in staff meetings for Glass Bead Evolution as needed
    • At conclusion of term, selects ten artists for inclusion in the Corning President’s Collection
    • Participates as needed in writing press releases for glass related publications such as The Flow
    • Responsible for co-approving with the Treasurer and/or the Operations Manager all monetary disbursements of more than $500 not previously approved by the Board


In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors", the President-elect has the following responsibilities. 

  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the current President for the year prior to the end of the president’s term
  • Oversee strategic and board planning
  • Determine the needs of the membership and implement strategies to meet those needs
  • Oversee the training and orientation of new board members
  • Serve on committees and direct special projects as determined by the board
  • Work closely with other directors to get familiarized with their duties during the transition year

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors", the Vice President has the following responsibilities.

  • Work closely with the Conference Program Director in the planning and organization of the annual conference, the Gathering
  • Oversee fundraising efforts during and in association with the annual conference
  • Attend the Gathering for pre- and post- conference planning
  • Implement the annual donation drive
  • Explore and develop new revenue streams
  • Oversee implementation of the strategic plan
  • Oversee the updating and revisions of the code of regulations and standing rules

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors", the Director of Finance has the following responsibilities.  

  • The Director of Finance shall serve as Treasurer of the Corporation and shall have such powers as the Board of Directors may determine and shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

  • The Director of Finance shall be responsible to the Board for overseeing the Treasury of the ISGB in conjunction with the President and for directing the collection, depositing, disbursement, and accounting for all moneys of the Corporation.

  • Maintain records and financial operations as specified in the ISGB Financial Policies and Procedures.

  • Present the following monthly BOD financial reports to the Directors prior to each board meeting: Summary Profit & Loss Statement, Summary Balance Sheet,  YTD Actual vs. Budget.

  • Present the following quarterly BOD financial reports to the Directors prior to each quarterly board meeting: Detailed Income Statement, Detailed Balance Sheet, Detailed YTD Actual vs Budget.

  • Present a written update to the Directors prior to each board meeting detailing open accounts receivables and the current financial status of ISGB.

  • Oversee with the President the preparation and submission of all tax paperwork, in conjunction with the ISGB office, including the IRS form 990 and Ohio Charitable Trust forms. Work with outside Accountants as needed.

  • Review and approve all invoices and charges for payment, with co-approval from the President on disbursements over $500.

  • Transfer all documents to the incoming treasurer in a timely manner.

  • Work with the Board of Directors in the development of the budget for the organization.

  • Oversee the management and investment of financial resources.

  • Oversee scholarship programs as designated by the Director of Education and the President.

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Organizational Support on the development of new revenue streams and the annual capital campaign.

  • Oversee audits. The Director of Finance may choose to establish a Finance Committee.

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors", the Assistant Treasurer has the following responsibilities.


  • Support and assist the Treasurer in maintaining the financial records for the organization
  • Help to ensure timely fulfillment of monthly and annual responsibilities
  • Participate in the preparation of monthly financial reports and analysis
  • Work with PayPal, QuickBooks, and spreadsheets
  • At the request of the Treasurer, or in the event of the absence or disability of the Treasurer, the Treasurer-elect shall perform the duties and possess and exercise the powers of the Treasurer, and, to the extent authorized by law, the Treasurer-elect shall have such other powers as the Board of Directors may determine, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Treasurer-elect by the Board of Directors

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors", the Director of Communications and Marketing is responsible for understanding and contributing to all social media, marketing, and public relations programs. 

  • Knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, or other creative software is helpful
  • Knowledge of administrator roles on all social media platforms is a plus

The Director of Communications and Marketing has the following responsibilities.

  • Build program/organization awareness through various Social Media outlets. This will include monitoring various pages daily.
    • FaceBook  (members only, Education, Gathering & business pages)
    • You Tube  
    • Instagram  
    • Twitter
  • Work with various multimedia outlets to promote a product or program
  • Design advertising and promotional material as needed
  • Write and submit press releases to various publications
  • Establish beneficial pricing strategies, update and distribute Media Kit with sales associate and adhering to member benefits.
  • Work closely with Sales Associate and Operations Manager to negotiate advertising contracts and maintain all records to report
  • Monitor the implementation of and adherence to the organization’s corporate branding and standards
  • Develop marketing budget including the Glass Bead Evolution publication, advertising, exhibition catalogs, website, and other marketing, communications, and public relations materials
  • Report advertising sales, distribution and social media at monthly or bi-monthly meetings.

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors" section above, the Director of Education has the following responsibilities.

  • Oversee the educational programs of the ISGB, such as the Instructors’ Seminar; shall be charged with researching avenues to extend educational opportunities for ISGB members
    • May choose to establish an Education Committee
  • Oversee budget development for artistic, educational, and professional outreach at the annual Gathering and online
  • Develop and coordinate annual Instructors’ Seminar and others at the annual Gathering and online.

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors" section above, the Director of Membership has the following responsibilities.

  • Oversee the preservation of minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Board
  • Keep track of all votes presented and made, whether at official meetings or online, and report at the end of voting
  • Maintain copies of other pertinent Board correspondence via email or the internet
  • Complete the initial minutes from a Board meeting
    • The Director of Membership may appoint the Administrator or another qualified individual to physically take the minutes of the board meetings or any applicable committee meetings 
    • Deliver preliminary minutes to the directors for review within three (3) business days after the meeting date
    • Submit requested changes or additions to the Operations Manager within one (1) week
    • Post the final minutes and take a vote for approval no later than the next meeting of the board
    • Make the approved minutes available to the membership within five (5) business days
  • Coordinate the Annual Membership Drive
  • Chair the Nominating Committee
  • Monitor ISGB Facebook pages daily
    • Respond to members and non-members regarding application to join these pages
    • Delete lapsed members from the Member’s Only page
    • Monitor current members for the Self-Promotion thread, deleting and adding names
  • Monitor ISGB members whose memberships have lapsed, sending out reminder and welcoming notes
  • Report monthly to the board regarding membership numbers at different levels
  • Monitor and recruit members for the Vendor Discount Program
  • Write articles for the GBR regarding membership benefits

In addition to the responsibilities of "All Directors" section above, the Directors At Large have the following responsibilities.

  • Involvement with member relations, via email, social media and other various means
  • Work with chapters to gather information about meetings, shows, exhibits
  • Schedule special events, shows, exhibits and fundraising events
  • Support content acquisition and development for "Glass Bead Evolution" and "The Bead Release" publications
  • Develop, Chair or Co-Chair special projects of personal and Board interest as they arise
  • Aid in the startup of new Chapters

During the time approaching ISGB’s annual elections, the members of this committee assist with explaining the job descriptions to interested members, provide official candidate surveys to those interested in running, and verify that those interested in becoming nominees are members in good standing. This committee may also help identify qualified members and suggest prospective nominees.  Responsibilities are as follows.

  • Determine the positions that will be on the ballot, including those created by mid-term appointments and ends of term
  • Establish prospective Board position profiles
  • Compile a list of prospective names for nomination by soliciting input from the general membership
  • Present a slate of candidates for each position for election to the general membership
  • Assist the board with finding qualified mid-term appointees for vacated Board and Regional Director positions throughout the year if needed